Sunday, March 29, 2009

its all about changing the lines of my face. i find myself standing, watching the noise, watching the time in this place where i thought i would only remain briefly. everything was planned as brief, but time passed over me and i stopped planning and suddenly everything became seconds of giving. i was lost in waves of the moment and plans where forgotten, blurred, abandoned. i remain the same i believe but my heart is now like a stone, that is heated in ovens of minutes. whenever there is heat there is an invented moment that i reclaim by force while facing the gray sky of the past. you agree, almost yawning. i do not own you. nobody owns me. there is not only nations between us, there is also our own selves. i become lonely, like an old soul, only the night can call me, and i am young enough to meet her. there is nothing more true than these spirals, where there is me and there is you and there is those others that form part of these circles. sometimes i can see you pass by these circles. i continue dreaming and you appear in these dreams. like a ghost. that of my past. you said we had a present and you said it almost like a promise. i was somehow relieved. but i returned and then the spirals continued and you seemed much far away. i still cannot find a place i would like to remain in. sometimes i imagine it could be you. but. it may be only ghosts within my forehead. como mariposas en la mente.

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Alina Reyes said...

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